Parish Council

The Parish Council is a consultative body to the Pastor.  The council structure facilitates cooperation between the pastor, the staff, and parishioners to define and carry out the parish’s mission which is connected to the mission of the universal Church and to that of Jesus.

The Parish Council pursues the parish’s mission in connection to the larger Church and with awareness of its interdependence with other parishes, the Archdiocese, and the universal Church.  The Parish Council leads the parish through planning and direction-setting processes and strive for effective communication and interaction between committees, organizations, and the parish.

The council supports good relations with other churches and organizations within the community and participates in those endeavors related to the common good.

Richard, Meena, President
Linda Brumleve, Vice President
Kathy Barako
Emily Costello
Mike Hamilton
Wesley Hudson
Carole Magee, Formation
Michele Oberst
Khaki Strebel, School Liaison