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Holy Spirit Baptistery Project (completion due fiscal year 2017)

The Shapes

Square – Four sides representative of the Four Gospels / Evangelists

Octagon – Eight sides are representative of the Resurrection happening on the “Eighth Day”. God created the world in six days, rested on the seventh, and presumably went back to work on the eighth. Christ entered Jerusalem on the first day of the week (Palm Sunday), died on the sixth day (Friday), rested in the tomb on the seventh day (Saturday), and arose and went back to work on the next first day of the week (Easter Sunday); this makes a total of eight days.

Triangle – Three sides are representative of the Trinity

Circle – This is the font itself. The circular shape is representative of eternity.

Twelve Triangles – Representative of the Twelve Apostles given the command to baptize all nations and of the Twelve Tribes brought to safety through the Red Sea.


The Names

Mattheus – Latin for Matthew

Marcus – Latin for Mark

Lucas – Latin for Luke

Iohannes – Latin for John


The Symbols

Shell – scallop shell represents baptism itself and it a water symbol

Cross – we are baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Fish – a water symbol and symbol of Christ himself (icthus)

Anchor – symbol of water and symbol of hope

A – Jesus is the First

Ω – Jesus is the Last

Flame – sign of the Holy Spirit given through baptism and at Pentecost

Dove – sign of the Holy Spirit given at the Baptism of the Lord


Boat – a water symbol, the boat represents the Church tossed on the waves of life but brought home to safety in Jesus Christ. Baptism brings us into the church.