About Our School

Holy Spirit School, a 2007 and 2014 nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, is located in the heart of St. Matthews, just minutes from anywhere in Louisville, KY.  Since we are located on a major thoroughfare, there is easy access to our school and parish.

Since 2003, there have been several improvements and renovations to our parish and school.  This includes adding a gathering space outside of the church, a new Dining Commons, meeting rooms, and additional classroom.  The library has also been renovated to include new shelving units, seating arrangements, new books, etc.

The computer lab is home to 32 networked computer stations.  Students in grades K – 8 have access to lab daily with classes in the younger grades weekly.  Students in grades 5 – 8 have access to laptops that are utilized daily in the classroom.

Each classroom is equipped with either a Smart Board or interactive flat panel.  Our goal is to have flat panels by the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year.

To Know, To Love, To Serve … Catch the Spirit!

This simple phrase defines the atmosphere and goals that have been established for the students and families of Holy Spirit School.  We invite members of the community to join us as we prepare our students for the next level.

At Holy Spirit School we embrace the following as our core values:

Spirit of Faith: Opportunities are provided to help students develop a personal relationship with God.  This includes weekly liturgy, preparation for Sacraments and daily prayer.

Spirit of PartnershipAt the base of all instruction, parents are considered the first teachers and a vital part of the educational team.  Therefore we welcome parents to assist in the school and to join in their child’s success.

Spirit of Excellence: As a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Holy Spirit School has demonstrated high academic achievement on a consistent basis.  We routinely have multiple students who are eligible for Duke’s Talent Identification Program to recognize students who score 95% or higher on one or more areas of our standardized test.  Additionally, the average number of teaching years for the faculty staff is 14 years.  Total, there are over 280 years of experience!

Spirit for LifeAll of the experiences students have at Holy Spirit School, including extra curricular activities and athletics, carry them beyond eighth grade graduation.