School Board

The Consultative School Board assists the Principal and ultimately the Pastor by providing advice and counsel, particularly in regards to strategic planning, policy formation, mission effectiveness and enhancement, institutional advancement, development, marketing, and communications. It is comprised of the chairs of eight standing committees as well as a representative from the parish, parish finance committee, and PTO.  Meetings are held monthly from August through June.

2021-22 Consultative School Board Committees

Chris Greco – Chair
Nicki Murphy – Vice-Chair
Kelly Jo Higgs – Secretary
Holy Spirit School Board

Planning & Policy
Chair: Debbie Hudson
Natalee Ferreri
Danny Fuchs
Brittney Thompson
Sasha Bjork-Mayer

Chair: Deanna Keal
Kacy Noltemeyer
Brandon Quinlan
Beth Thomas
Jenna Schulten

Chair: Vandy Chisholm
Liz Boehnlein
Hilary Mattingly
Ashley Steimel
Jason Koetter
Hillary Bort
Dorsey Swindall

Committee on Board Members
Chair: Amy Duthie
Will Fischer
Beth Parks
Kelley Roberts

Mission Effectiveness
Chair: Morgan Vihlidal
Shannon Grayson
Peter Cummins
Beth Friedman
Jeanne Miller

Marketing and Enrollment
Chair: Laura Eifler
Caroline Low
Kelley Roberts
Paige Caldwell
Katie Shrewsberry
Kathryn Lavelle
Beth Thomas
Cara Robinson
Meg Cloern
Emily Greco
Megan Schulte
Beth Parks

Chair: Steve Hudson
Steve Hiland
Mary Ann Zurlich
Rob South