Holy Spirit Supper Club

Dear Friends,

We’re pleased to welcome registrations for Holy Spirit’s 2020 Supper Club!  The Supper Club is a great way to introduce new members into our parish, bring parishioners of all backgrounds together and help build deeper connections in our community.  The Supper Club unites school families, non-school families, parishioners who are young, old, single, married, new to the parish and members of many years!  

Here is how it works: approximately 4 households will be grouped together per the information below.  Then, starting after the New Year, your group will get together to share a meal approximately once per quarter (total of 4 times over the year)!  You host only once during the year and your group can decide the details for the meals (i.e. dates, times, at own’s home or restaurant, who brings what, etc.).  

I hope you will take this opportunity to join the parish Supper Club and meet some new and wonderful parishioners!  This is an ongoing ministry at Holy Spirit; the deadline below will kick off the groups to be formed for 2020.  So, spread the word; tell your friends!   Bon Appetit!

Jeanne Miller
Holy Spirit Supper Club Coordinator
Phone: 439-0727