Mrs. Hallahan (Library)

Attention All Grades:

  • Book Fair arrives next week and runs for two weeks! Students may shop during their class time and during Conference Day (Feb. 14). Half the proceeds come back to our school library!
  • Please, double check your students are returning their library books. Notices will go home after Winter Break. Feel free to e-mail me if you are unsure about which books are still outstanding. Cash may be sent in with your student or a check written to Holy Spirit if books cannot be located.
  • AR is due: Friday, February 22

K -2 Students have been discussing what a series entails and why an author may select this format. Specifically, students have been reading Andrea Beaty’s work and finding patterns in her stories. Also, students have been analyzing endpapers and how they provide hints and/or add to a story.

3: Third grade is continuing their discovery of how library systems are organized. They have mastered Fiction and Everybody readers. Biographies are the next category to discuss. They have been excellent Shelf Elves! Students will be researching famous women in March.

4: The fourth graders have been researching the life and work of a famous musician. They have been steadfastly working on paraphrasing information from their resources. All work will culminate in students creating a trading card using an app on the Ipads. This work has been in collaboration with Mrs. Crable and Mrs. Johnston.

5: This time has been reserved for fifth graders to work on both their Charity PowerPoints and researching the life of a president. The third trimester will be devoted to delving into an Author Study. All work will be completed at school. Author Studies will count as an LA grade as well. Students also have been discussing the author’s use of metaphor using picture books. Their insights have been powerful!

6: Students will work on identifying advertising techniques. They will be analyzing ads online and determine what the promise is and who the demographic may be in the promos. This work will culminate in students creating an ad of their choosing. All work will be completed in class and count for an LA test grade as well.