Fellowship & Hospitality

Bereavement Committee

To give support to families who are experiencing the death of a loved one. Care and support are demonstrated by offering food to the families; offering prayers at the funeral home; and attending the funeral Mass. Assistance is needed in gathering meat trays, preparing and delivering salads and desserts, making telephone calls and attending services. Follow-up cards are sent, to families, throughout the year. Contact Mary Weckman, 897-2762, mary.weckman002@twc.com

Blood Drive

Coordinates with the Red Cross to conduct parish blood drives.  Select times when parish and community members can donate blood. Volunteers are needed to help with publicity, staffing on the days of blood drives and donors to donate blood.  Information will be put in the bulletin. Contact Kathy DePrest, 432-2399, docvet9294@gmail.com

Book Club

To share insights about selected books and fellowship with other members. Participants meet for lunch every other month. Location of meeting will be provided. Contact Bev Biggs, 425-5107, bjbiggs1@aol.com and/or Bev Biggs, 893-8573

Healing Blanket Ministry

This outreach ministry consists of volunteers who cut, sew and pray over blankets that are then blessed and given to the infirmed and aged, and newborns as a welcome gift. Meetings Every other month. Contact Carol Tonini, 897-0596, caroltonini@bellsouth.net

Hospitality /Activity Planning Committee

The primary goal of this committee is to encourage active participation in the parish through fellowship and community building activities. Volunteers are needed to help host parish events. For example, brunches, receptions, potlucks, coffee/doughnuts and socials. Planning meetings are held as needed.  Contact Jane Hertzman, Hospitality Coordinator, 893-3982, jhertzman@hspirit.org

Holy Spirit and Holy Trinity Senior Group

To provide social, spiritual and service activities for those Sixty (60) years of age and older. Coordinators needed to facilitate and plan activities.  See bulletin for all upcoming events.