Mrs. Zurlage (4-5, 7-8 Computer)

Grade 8 -The students are working on various projects that have been assigned by their classroom teachers. In addition, we are exploring the coding world by using programs such as StreetArt, Beats and

Grade 7 -Terrapin Logo will be our main focus for the next 2 months. The program introduces the idea of syntax in coding, using a built-in language. This shows the need for the students to be able to speak the “turtle’s” language in order to instruct him how and where to move.

Grade 5 -At the request of the classroom teachers, 5th grade will use their Computer Lab time to work on several projects. We will also begin to practice creating outlines/graphic organizers and the best practices of Power Point.

Grade 4 -We are covering 3 ways of selecting and 4 ways of moving material in a Word Document. They will do this by putting sentences that tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in the correct order. They will print their completed stories. Along with these activities, the students will begin to master file management. After this project is finished, we will look at Spell Check in Microsoft Word -what it can and more importantly, what it can’t do for you.