Official rules for the Holy Spirit School Queen of Hearts Raffle:

  1. Holy Spirit School is a non-profit 501c3 E00157 Charitable Gaming License #EXE1967.
  2. Holy Spirit has purchased a Queen of Hearts board from a certified gaming vendor. The board displays an deck of 54 playing cards (including two jokers) sealed face down and numbered one (1) through fifty-four (54). No one knows where the Queen of Hearts card is on this pre-sealed board.
  3. Tickets are $5 each with no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased each week.
  4. Tickets may only be purchased online at Online ticket sales will be closed at 12:00pm EST the day of each drawing, so that the organizers have time to print all tickets and place them into the raffle cylinder. Any tickets purchased after 12:00pm EST will go towards the next week’s drawing. 
  5. Tickets purchased online will be put in the cylinder for the purchaser and the purchaser will receive an email confirming each purchase. Please keep this confirmation email for your records.
  6. Purchaser will provide the following information for each ticket: name, email address, phone number and card number (the card you would like unsealed and turned over on the board if your raffle ticket is drawn out of the cylinder that week). 
  7. All drawings will be streamed on Facebook Live and can be found viewed at You do not have to be present at the weekly drawing to win. The schedule of drawings is posted on
  8. Immediately following the drawing, the card number indicated on the ticket will be unsealed and turned over on the board. If it is the Queen of Hearts, the winner will split the jackpot (50%) and the remaining half of the jackpot (50%) will go to Holy Spirit School and Catholic Charities of Louisville. If it is not the Queen of Hearts, the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to The Raven Irish Pub. If not present, the winner will be notified by phone that their ticket was drawn and if it revealed the Queen of Hearts.
  9. If the Queen of Hearts is not found by the holder of the winning ticket, all non-winning tickets will be removed from the cylinder and destroyed per Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming regulations. Tickets will not carry over from one week’s drawing to the next. A new ticket must be purchased for each week’s drawing to participate. The jackpot will be carried over to the following week, and online ticket sales will reopen for the next week’s drawing.
  10. The jackpot (total sales of all tickets) will continue to accumulate weekly until the Queen of Hearts card is found. The jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated several times each week on the
  11. If the card number selected is not available on the board, the next highest card number will be flipped instead.
  12. If a blank ticket is drawn from the cylinder, then a second ticket will be immediately drawn from the cylinder. The second ticket will be handled based on the rules above. If the card number selected is already revealed on the board, the next highest number will be flipped instead.
  13. Each card selected and turned will have the winning ticket stapled to it and reattached, and that card will remain on the board exposed for the duration of the game. Once the Queen of Hearts is selected, the board will no longer be in play and will be placed in storage and kept according to guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming. 
  14. All jackpot winners are responsible for any state, local or federal taxes. The winner will receive 50% of the jackpot paid by check once the winner completes form W2G (1099). If the winnings are in excess of $5,000 federal taxes will be withheld at a rate of twenty five percent (currently 24%) and Kentucky 5% backup withholding tax. If a winner does not respond or is unwilling to fill out a W2G (1099), after 30 days, the prize winning will revert back to Holy Spirit School. To claim a prize, the winner must be 18 and present a valid government-issued identification. A winner cannot donate the prize without first taking ownership of the prize, which means the appropriate W2G must be issued and the appropriate withholding taken. If a winner, then wants to donate the prize he/she can do so. For group purchases, in the event of a disagreement amongst purchasers, the only obligation of Holy Spirit School is to issue the prize in the name of the person listed on the winning ticket. Winning prizes must be claimed within 30 days after the winning ticket is drawn. Unclaimed prizes from the Queen of Hearts will be donated back to Holy Spirit School.
  15. Holy Spirit School reserves the right to amend these rules as needed prior to any week’s drawing. Any change the date and/or time of the drawing will be made on the official website prior to the drawing
  16. This contest is void where prohibited by law. Administrators of Holy Spirit School and Officers of the Holy Spirit School PTO are prohibited to purchase raffle tickets.